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Couple embracing

Red hot or red flag?: Test your relationship

Rate this article and enter to winIn an intimate relationship, we deserve to feel appreciated and supported, just as our partner deserves the same from us. Sexual coercion within relationships tends to be part...
relationship jigsaw puzzle

Deal-breaker or game-starter?: Check your relationship criteria

Rate this article and enter to winOpposites Similarities attract. In relationships, we tend to get along better with people like us—a whole lot of studies prove it. But there are lots of ways we...
Happy man with glasses

Creating your own happiness: Realize the joys of being single

Rate this article and enter to winRoss ends up with Rachel on Friends, Han Solo with Leia in Star Wars. Neil Patrick Harris has David Burtka, and Beyoncé has Jay-Z—each in a pair. Sometimes...
Two people in love

The reality of romance: 5 tips for maintaining health relationships

Rate this article and enter to winMany of our ideas about relationships come from the people around us. Our friends may make it seem like their romantic connections are consistently “perfect,” posting pictures and...
Woman laying on man, both smiling

How do you do it?: Explore your safer sex options

Rate this article and enter to winSchool is a time of discovery. Gail Wingate, a nurse practitioner at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, says, “For many students, exploring sexual health is a...
Man and woman back to back, angry at each other

Relationship red flags: How to recognize abuse

Rate this article and enter to winIt’s common for relationships to have highs and lows. Romantic partners don’t always agree on everything, and it can be healthy to have a heated discussion when working...
Man smiling

Solo and satisfied: Being single in a relationship world

Rate this article and enter to winAh, Valentine’s Day. Red and pink heart decorations have been up since the day after Christmas, florists and jewelers everywhere are looking forward to their own Black Friday,...
Happy couple standing facing each other

Fling or forever? How to find what you’re looking for

Rate this article and enter to winRelationships come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. We seem to be a culture obsessed with romance, sex, and attraction. Whether you’re looking for something deep...