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Unhappy couple sitting outside

Yes, it’s still coercion or assault: Relationship abuse and what to do about it

Rate this article and enter to winRomantic relationships can be a great source of joy and fulfillment. But when a relationship is unhealthy or abusive, it can cause major harm. Relationship abuse is characterized...

“Calories don’t count if I throw up after …”

SEE a friend engaging in behavior at/around mealtime that worries youSPEAK to them to let them know how much you care about them and want them to be healthyPLEDGE to seek out help if you or your friend...

Women can be abusers too

SEE the signs that a friend is involved in an unhealthy relationshipSPEAK to them about your concerns and support them in asking for helpPLEDGE to use resources like RAs, RDs, Campus Safety, the Counseling Center and/or the...

60% of Endicott first-year students are brave enough

SEE a classmate being verbally abused by his/her partner at an athletic eventSPEAK up to stand up for him/her and help him/her get to a safe spacePLEDGE to always treat others with respectWhat is I See, I...
Group therapy session

Ask the counselor: How do you find a romantic relationship?

“When you’re extremely shy and anxious around new people, how do you go about finding someone who’s interested in a romantic relationship?”—Graham H., Campion College, SaskatchewanFirst, some good news: Since shyness is at least...
Ask the health educator

Ask the health educator: How can you reignite your relationship?

“How can you reignite your relationship when it has lost its spark?”—Stephanie G., Mount Royal University, AlbertaThis age-old question has been around since, well, since we’ve had relationships! It’s relatively easy to take one...

Vital vocab for hookups, relationships, & everything in between

Rate this article and enter to winIn an intimate or romantic encounter, talking or expressing desire creates some of the sexiest moments. If you can find someone who values pleasure, mutuality, and emotional connection...
Group counselling

Ask the counselor: How do I know if my partner’s dependency is unhealthy?

“How do I know if my partner’s dependency is unhealthy?”—Sam L.*, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador (*Name changed)Let’s start with the basics of a healthy relationship: You give and you receive. For...

Ask Me Anything: Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Have you asked yourself or others any of these questions? Do you have other questions about relationships? Come to the Ask Me Anything: Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships Panel to get accurate and helpful answers. All questions are submitted...
Group counselling

Ask the counselor: October 2015

“When someone betrays me, I have a hard time getting over it. Any tips?”—S.B.*, University of Victoria, British ColumbiaIt feels terrible when someone betrays you. It might seem like the relationship is broken forever....