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relationship violence

Ask Me Anything: Relationships

Are you about your relationship or someone else's? Could you use some information about how to handle things but don't know who to ask?Come to the Ask Me Anything: Relationships panel to get accurate and...

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

SEE signs of a friend who may be in an unhealthy/abusive relationshipSPEAK to him to find out if he feels safePLEDGE to go with him to the Counseling Center to help him get appropriate supportWhat is I...

Women can be abusers too

SEE the signs that a friend is involved in an unhealthy relationshipSPEAK to them about your concerns and support them in asking for helpPLEDGE to use resources like RAs, RDs, Campus Safety, the Counseling Center and/or the...

60% of Endicott first-year students are brave enough

SEE a classmate being verbally abused by his/her partner at an athletic eventSPEAK up to stand up for him/her and help him/her get to a safe spacePLEDGE to always treat others with respectWhat is I See, I...

Ask Me Anything: Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Have you asked yourself or others any of these questions? Do you have other questions about relationships? Come to the Ask Me Anything: Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships Panel to get accurate and helpful answers. All questions are submitted...