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Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

SEE signs of a friend who may be in an unhealthy/abusive relationshipSPEAK to him to find out if he feels safePLEDGE to go with him to the Counseling Center to help him get appropriate supportWhat is I...

ICYMI: Not everyone at Endicott is a binge drinker

SEE your roommate feeling left out because s/he doesn't want to drink at the pregameSPEAK up to help him/her still feel part of the groupPLEDGE to include everyone, regardless of whether they are drinking or notWhat...

1 in 4 College Women Are Survivors

SEE or hear someone being attacked walking across campus at nightSPEAK up to stop the attack and call Campus Safety for helpPLEDGE to be or find an escort home for anyone who does not feel...

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Please join us at any or all of these events to help raise awareness about the reality of sexual assault and learn what you can do to help support survivors.

Dose of Reality Panel on Opiod Epidemic

What is I See, I Speak, I Pledge?I See, I Speak, I Pledge is a college-wide initiative to promote the idea that individual Gulls have the power to prevent high-risk behavior and harm. I...

50 College Students DIE Each Year

SEE a fellow Gull passed out in the bathroom at a partySPEAK to a party host and call Public Safety to get helpPLEDGE to always look out for each other - no Gull left behind!What is I...

FYI – NOT everyone is doing it

SEE a engaging in risky substance use SPEAK to them about the negative consequences to their actions, including health hazards and conduct sanctionsPLEDGE to abstain from any substance use that is harmful to your health and against college policyWhat...

94% of Endicott students make life-saving decisions

SEE a teammate about to get in a car with someone who has been drinkingSPEAK up to stop them and help find them a safe ride homePLEDGE to never drink and driveWhat is I See, I...

“Calories don’t count if I throw up after …”

SEE a friend engaging in behavior at/around mealtime that worries youSPEAK to them to let them know how much you care about them and want them to be healthyPLEDGE to seek out help if you or your friend...

Women can be abusers too

SEE the signs that a friend is involved in an unhealthy relationshipSPEAK to them about your concerns and support them in asking for helpPLEDGE to use resources like RAs, RDs, Campus Safety, the Counseling Center and/or the...