95% of Endicott students want you to call the RA

See your neighbor stumbling up the stairs and having trouble swiping in the building

Speak to them and ask, “Are you OK? Can I help you?”

Pledge to call for help if they are incoherent or if you are worried about their health or safety

Endicott College Good Samaritan Policy

Because the health and safety of students are of primary importance, students are encouraged to not only look out for their own health and safety, but also for that of the other members of their community. Whenever a student seeks assistance for an impaired person, or themselves by procuring Residence Life staff, Public Safety, or EMS, neither the intoxicated individual nor the individual who assists will be subject to punitive disciplinary actions for (1) being intoxicated or (2) having provided that person alcohol/drugs.

1. Students involved in an incident, for which amnesty is granted, may be required to meet with the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coordinator for education, assessment, and possible referral for treatment.

2. In the event that a student fails to meet with the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coordinator, chooses not to participate in the steps outlined, or exhibits a pattern of abusive behavior with alcohol and/or drugs, the student may be subject to formal disciplinary action. This protocol does not preclude disciplinary action regarding other violations of the Endicott College Code of Conduct, such as causing or threatening physical harm, sexual assault, damage to property, disorderly conduct, etc.

Students should be aware that this policy does not prevent action by local and state authorities.